10 Reasons to Build a Log Cabin in Your Garden

10 Reasons to Build a Log Cabin in Your Garden

Are you thinking about building a log cabin in your garden? You’re not sure if that’s a good idea or not? Nowadays, more and more people are contemplating undertaking this project, and for a couple of good reasons. 

A log cabin in your backyard can have many uses. If you’re a remote worker, you can use it as a home office. It can also be used as a holiday home, shed, gym, or a garden sauna – the possibilities are limitless. 

Having such a structure built behind your house also brings economical advantages. Moreover, it can benefit both your mental and physical health. How is that possible? Keep reading and find out. 

1. It’s a Perfect Home Office 

With thousands of businesses encouraging employees to work from home, remote working is now more popular than ever. While it has its benefits, it doesn’t really work if you don’t separate your home life from the job. 

A log cabin in the garden is the best solution to this problem. As a personalized work haven, it can provide you with the peace and solitude needed for productive and focused work. Situated in the garden, it can enhance your working hours with natural daylight, as well as with the sights and smells of your garden. 

2. It Has Multiple Uses 

Using a garden log cabin as a home office is the current trend, but this building can be used for many other things. You could, for example, use it as your summerhouse or a holiday cottage. You and your family won’t have to go too far away to get away from home life. 

In addition, a garden log cabin can be used as a guest room, a studio, a garden sauna, a garden shed, a snooker room, a meditation retreat, a workshop, a hobby room, a private fitness center, a teen’s home, a garden storage box, a table tennis room, or a garage. 

As you can see, the potential uses for a garden log cabin are numerous. 

3. It Can Add Value to Your Property 

Besides the fact that it can be used for virtually anything, a garden log cabin can also add value to your property – up to 7%. This turns it into a worthwhile investment, particularly if your backyard isn’t that big. 

If you’re not an experienced DIY enthusiast, letting a log cabin company build one for you would be a better idea. Timber Living builds log cabins from the best materials, tailored to the specific requirements of the client. By choosing a building company over self-assembly, you’ll be taking the stress out of the equation.

4. It’s a Healthy Environment 

Whatever you decide to use your log cabin for, you’ll be able to perform your activities in a healthy environment. A well-maintained log cabin discourages the spread of mold spores. In addition,  it also keeps the humidity and temperature levels even.

The thing that makes log cabins great for home offices is that they’re so great to work in. Their wooden interiors keep workers stress-free. Furthermore, the fact that they’re typically built in backyards allows remote workers (or artists, for that matter) to get inspired by nature. 

5. It Doesn’t Require Planning Permission 

In Ireland, wooden structures of specific size and height do not need planning permission. These would be structures that are no higher than 3.9 meters and no larger than 25 square meters. If you’re not planning on building something larger, you won’t need planning permission for your log cabin. 

As you can already guess, this makes everything cheaper and faster. Once the log cabin company workers are on-site, things move pretty quickly. Erecting a single-room log cabin shouldn’t take more than two days. 

6. It’s an Environmentally-Friendly Building 

Careless human consumption is taking a toll on natural resources. One way to do something about it is to build a log cabin in your garden. You may be wondering – “How on Earth is that beneficial for nature?”

Most reputable log cabin companies purchase their timber from the Baltic countries. There, the law requires tree-harvesting companies to plant more trees for each one harvested. In addition, constructing a log cabin uses much less energy. It also doesn’t require the use of traditional building materials, leading to a reduced carbon footprint.

7. It Adds an Aesthetic Value to Your Garden 

Do you take special care of your garden? If you’re pruning your plants, aerating the lawn, and controlling pests, you probably want your garden to look as best as possible. 

A log cabin in your garden will undoubtedly add that “cool” factor. A well-maintained structure of this type, decorated with your favorite potted plants, can totally change the character of your garden, or at least complement it. 

8. It Can Last for Generations 

A log cabin with properly treated timber can last a lifetime. The key is in keeping the timber dry. This is why most log cabin companies build these structures on bases that prevent water from pooling under the wood. 

This means that you’ll be able to use your log cabin for the years to come. It may even become an heirloom that your children will inherit from you. 

9. It Turns the Garden Into an Inhabitable Space 

With a log cabin in your garden, buying or renting extra space is unnecessary. You can simply use your backyard. 

This comfortable structure can easily become an extension of your living room. If you already have a garden shed or a home office, you can use it as a nature retreat. It will be your own little sanctuary surrounded by the garden’s sights and smells. 

10. It’s an Energy-Efficient Retreat 

Due to the natural insulation properties of wood, a log cabin is an energy-efficient housing option. With logs having inherent thermal mass, you’ll be able to cut down on electricity bills by spending some time in your log cabin during the winter. 

Similarly, a log cabin remains cool in the summer. This makes it a perfect place for your remote working needs during the warm months. 

As an environmentally-friendly, energy-efficient, and cost-effective building, a log cabin has many uses. By building one in your garden, you will be doing yourself a favor – you’ll have a multi-purpose extension to your home that you’ll be able to use for decades to come.

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