5 Ways to Set Up an Office Reception Area
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5 Ways to Set Up an Office Reception Area

First impressions are made in the reception area, and you want to make the best of them.

Sure, the space should be lovely. That, however, is insufficient. It should also reflect the personality of your company.

Creating a greeting space that reflects a company’s image isn’t easy, especially for those of us who don’t have an interior design background.

However, injecting a little flair into your welcome area d├ęcor doesn’t require a lengthy brand manual or a large expense. And it should be one of the first steps you take when launching your business.

Creating a distinct style necessitates making several decisions: For example, your greeting area cannot be both relaxing and exciting.

It can’t be both humorous and serious, or approachable and awe-inspiring at the same time. You may distinguish yourself and stand out from the crowd by picking which emotions you wish to evoke.

We’ve put together a list of five reception area styles that could work, as well as some tips on how to make each one come to life.

Comfortable and Welcoming

Office lobby

If you want to connect with visitors on a personal level and put them at ease, you should incorporate some comfort aspects into your welcome area. Avoid anything pretentious and, instead, go for relatable pieces that look like they belong in a home.

That doesn’t imply you should have leather recliners in your reception area. You can maintain a professional demeanour while being true to your company’s identity.

The “homey” sense is especially effective in offices where visitors may be hesitant, such as dentists and therapists. It can, however, be a good fit for any company that specialises in personal services or is devoted to creating one-on-one relationships with customers.

Here are some suggestions for making your welcome area more approachable and inviting:

Comfortable Upholstered Furniture – Reception area furniture, of course, sees a lot of use and is subject to a lot of wear and tear. Many offices prefer strong frames and stain-resistant materials in their lobby seats because of this.

If comfort is a top goal, look for chairs with a bit more cushion and fabric, at least for accent sitting, in addition to the more durable options. If you think it will work, a couple of throw pillows can help to increase the level of comfort.

Warm Colors – While the minimalist, white-space-dominated aesthetic can be incredibly stylish, it can also appear cold and austere. A warm, but not too bright, palette is ideal for this design. It might help clients feel at ease when combined with softer textures.

Domestic-style decorations in the reception area, such as potted plants, lamps, curtains, and area rugs, can all provide a sense of additional comfort to a place.

Calming and Tranquil

Contemporary office lobby

Clean lines, minimum clutter, and nature-inspired materials are employed in Zen-style reception halls to help guests feel centred, focused, and tranquil.

Another smart technique for facilities that wish to put guests at ease or motivate them to relax (it’s a common choice for spas) is to use music. It’s also a good fit for organizations with an environmental goal.

However, because tranquil spaces are a fantastic way to inspire focus, this strategy may be used by any firm. They can also be incredibly stylish if done correctly.

Try one of these features for a more relaxing reception area:

Water Features – The sound and sight of water, whether from a little fountain or a wall-mounted water feature, is quite relaxing. If you’re up for the upkeep, an office aquarium is another option.

Plants – Plants are becoming increasingly popular as “living walls” and “vertical gardens.” These luxuriant fixtures are low-maintenance and can be a lovely way to create a calmer ambience while also improving air quality.

Calming Lighting – It comes as no surprise that lighting can affect the mood in the workplace. When it comes to lighting, organizations that wish to instil peace frequently avoid bright or fluorescent lights in favour of fixtures that emit a more ambient glow.

Glamorous or Prestigious

This is a good appearance for luxury brands and organizations attempting to make a positive impression on high-spending consumers and customers. The major purpose of these areas is to impress visitors and give them the impression that they will be treated like royalty.

A lot of gilded gold frames aren’t necessary for a luxurious effect. Many styles can be made to appear more sophisticated by investing in high-quality materials or adding a few stunning embellishments. Here are some suggestions for wowing visitors who expect to be treated like royalty:

Opulent Bouquets – A gorgeous fresh floral arrangement brightens up a space like nothing else. These aren’t cheap, but that’s the message you’re trying to send. You might be able to get away with synthetic flower arrangements instead, but make sure they’re as realistic as possible, or you’ll come across as unprofessional.

Dramatic Accents – If you want to make a statement, use bold patterns and dramatic lighting. Polished accent items made of exquisite materials like metal or stone can help give the area a luxurious feel.

Materials of Superior Quality – Investing in a few of the greatest options available for your guests communicates the message that the specifics of their experience with your firm are all being considered, whether it’s a gleaming marble floor, an elegant mahogany reception desk, or a leather couch. One great option is to go with a terrazzo floor showing your company logo.

Exciting and Energising

Energizing office reception

Your reception area should mirror those ideals if you want your organization to appear on-trend, hardworking, and forward-thinking. A combination of modern looks and styles, clean lines, and bright colours will help you portray vitality and enthusiasm.

This mood is ideal for creative businesses, startups, and any other company looking to project a sense of enthusiasm. If this represents your company, consider the following suggestions:

Inspiring Words – Boldly displayed inspirational signage and phrases, such as the one below, are a straightforward method to make a statement about your corporate culture.

Pops of Colour – Whether in an accent wall, a piece of art, or a statement piece, bright pops of colour can truly enliven a room.

Bright Lighting – Whether the light comes from large windows, new light fixtures, or custom-lit signs, spaces that you want to appear energized should be bright as well.

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